Back on the horse

So, the *official* numbers are in…174. Still a net loss of 6 pounds in 13 days, I’ll take it. The better news is that I was able to compare how I feel when I’m eating well and exercising, to how I feel when I’m not. I definitely like the way I feel when I’m eating “clean,” WAAAAY better, and after paying attention to the difference, my energy level when I actually DO something is so much better. Stayed on plan all of yesterday/last night, and even had to bring some food home with me (note to self–the crushed red pepper in the sauteed cabbage gets lots hotter when you let it wait for a while before you eat it!). Honestly, it was a little tough to jump right back in. After a (not entirely unexpected) breakup while I was driving home from my little vacation, it would’ve been far too easy to make an excuse. Even though I did know it was coming, it’s stressful, and you know all I really want to do is deep-fry that stress and eat it…but I stayed strong 😉

Next I really need to work on fitting exercise in around night shift, when all I wanna do is work and sleep (as I type this, I’m already ready for bed, and I’ll wake up in 7 hours to get ready for work and do it all over again). Maybe for now the answer is to do my working out on my 4 days off, and never mind on work days? I don’t know yet. But the really fabulous news is yet to come–I interviewed this morning to move to day shift (same unit). And GOT IT 🙂 ***happy dance*** I won’t switch until the next schedule, in the beginning of April, but that’ll be right in time for getting my garden in, and all of my favorite outside activities. It’ll mean some more family time (my favorite), and I think it’ll probably get my metabolism a little more in line with losing.

I think that’s it. Sorry this was so very random. OH! One last thing–‘smoothie time’ went off like a CHARM this morning. Strawberry, banana, peach, apple, and spinach…yummy 🙂


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