It’s been a while

It’s been a busy time here at the monkey house, with lots of garden work and time with friends and family. I’m still staying mostly on track with food & exercise (yay!) and last night I even wore pants that haven’t felt comfortable in the past 2 years out to dinner. Good stuff.
Some long talks with good friends are leading me toward a giant life decision. It’s the safest bet I’ve ever made, and I think it’s going to be an amazing thing. More on this as it unfolds.
Today was supposed to be a farmer’s market morning, followed by Monkey riding her bike while I ran beside her. Sadly, she woke me up at 3am, freaking out because she couldn’t open her eyes. She’s got pinkeye. She just now woke back up at 10 am, and it looks like we’re going to stay home and be lazy all day. No daycare tomorrow for her, and since my backup plan is my oldest daughter, and she’s having her own issues, it’s looking like a day off work tomorrow. The oldest (once known as little Chicken, lol), is on orders to “take it extremely easy” right now. Between her blood pressure and some rapid weight gain, her doctor (who I am not terribly fond of because they are ridiculously intervention-heavy, but that’s what she’s comfortable with, grrrr…) suspects pre-eclampsia. I am leaning more toward a lot of salty, greasy food at the festival she went to the day before her appointment, coupled with the stress from an argument with her boyfriend and subsequent breakup while they were there. All that said, she finished a 24-hour urine yesterday and is having labs drawn today. I’m saying my prayers that she doesn’t wind up spending the next month lying in bed, followed by a “emergency” c-section. But, hey, a healthy baby is the goal, right? What works for me and what I’m most comfortable with is not the same as it is for everyone else.
Hope everyone out there in blog-ville is doing fine, I’m going to spend my lazy morning catching up on my reading around here.


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