Violent, physically aggressive patient today. It’s ok-ish because he really didn’t know or understand what he was doing. If I thought I was being held prisoner against my will, I’d probably react the same way…but tonight I’m bruised and sore, and in no way in the mood to go to work tomorrow. On the up side, one more day before the weekend and my girlies, and I scored 4 roma tomato plants for 50 cents a piece on my way home tonight. Another weekend of dirt therapy, hurray!!! Still eating right, not running because my leg is still crap, but walking the same distance most days of the weeks so hopefully I don’t lose every bit of conditioning by the time I can finally run again. Weight’s still slowly trending downward. I’ve taken to weighing several times a day at different times of day…a low evening weight tells me just about as much as a low morning weight, even though they’re sometimes 5 or more pounds different. I’m headed in the right direction 😉


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