Quick one

Finally got a run in today. I can’t say it was pain free, and there’s still something weird about my gait right now that I can’t seem to straighten out, but I got my 30 minutes and I’m not hobbling in pain tonight, so I’ll call that a win. Sticking to the flat stuff and still working on hip & glute strengthening, and hoping that will help. I’m really starting to think I should put my insurance to work and go see a PT or even a chiro. I realize what a blessing it is to even have insurance, but right now I’m not sure I can deal with the $20 copay. We’ll see. Being broke sucks, but lots of other things suck worse.

This weekend is pure busy. Good busy. My mom should be in tonight sometime, my sister and her family tomorrow. Saturday is graduation, and Sunday is the baby shower/graduation. Sometime in there, I’m making a little time to see that new guy I mentioned. And without a doubt, I will be making time to run. I love my family, but our interactions are usually somewhat stressful, and I’m thankful to have that outlet for my stress. Flat, easy runs are better than no runs at all.

Parting thought– some people are so poor, all they have is money.


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