I need a new challenge

C25K was fabulous. It inspired and motivated me and made me stay focused. Then, the week after I finished, a too-long run irritated my leg, and I’m down to only running twice a week since. I want to get back to running more instead of less, but the advice I’ve gotten at this point is that I run on ITB while it’s painful, it will become chronic. I need to find a new challenge to motivate me, and as much as I wanted it to be C210K or OHR, I’m afraid it’s not realistic right now. Any ideas?


In other news, there’s a new prospect in my world…and I find myself doing the same kind of doubting there…


Maybe I need to suck it up and quit being such a fraidy cat.


Bedtime now, more work tomorrow! 🙂 love & happy days to all!


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