So far today

I woke up an HOUR before the monkey did–that’s quality mama time, y’all. Started a pot of coffee. Now that I’ve perfected an under 200 calorie cup that I like, I fear I’m returning to that addiction…I should quit again, but it’s so yummy!!! Jumped in the shower, got ready, then enjoyed some reading time here before waking her up. We stopped by my work-cause I’m a dork who brought home a paper I shouldn’t have, and had to return it. Then a coffee break with a friend (don’t worry, just water for me.). Stopped and picked up a new pool for monkey that it turns out I can’t inflate with my air pump, so I have to find a new one (grrr). And then got to planting. Monkey played in the non-inflated pool with a few inches of water in it, and I got 3 varieties of beans, 2 of lettuce, cantaloupe, brussels sprouts, and some sweet peas in the ground. 🙂 Shower #2 of the day, and now I’m pre-hydrating before taking a run and then dinner at Grandma’s house. Hopefully back home in time to get a little more planting done…likely with a cold beer in hand. AND it’s supposed to storm tonight. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR, and I love days off work. 🙂

After a little more than a week off running, I am thrilled to be headed back out. But I’ve promised myself. Pain = walk. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the pretty path thru the woods, so it may be a long walk, but that’s ok. I may post more later, but I sort of doubt it. Planting & storms & lots of reasons to be outside instead of in here in front of the computer, ya know? Love to all, go enjoy this springtime!!!


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