A new chapter is begun.

After months of faithfully logging every single bite/sip that passes my lips, tonight I am drunk on calories that do not count. Tonight I say goodbye.


I always said that if I got a tattoo, it would be something that mattered to me deeply. It did.



The story of the 2 feet is here. If the link doesn’t work (and it may not, wine is good tonight…) let me know. I’ll hook you up on my crazy tale. I broke the bones under those 2 feet in an argument with my now ex-husband. That tattoo closed that chapter..


Tomorrow I will get the tattoo that closes the chapter that follows. There are blogs that follow the progress, and they are painful and sensitive. I worry that I’m not ready yet, but what am I holding on to anymore, anyway? I’m tracing the progress tonight, I am saying goodbye. I’ve looked myself in the mirror, in the eye, for the millionth time. Right arm or not, he is never coming back. It’s time now. More, with pics, tomorrow. I lost myself in old blogs and goodbyes and sad songs tonight, but never fear. I always get back up again.

2 feet, so thankful, so strong, so blessed.


It’s time to move forward. For those who actually follow this blog (I can’t imagine why) and are interested, I will promise tonight that if you don’t know either party involved, I will grant access to my madness upon request. Tonight, I will simply wallow in it one last time.


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  1. Honestly, this blog was a bit hard to follow. But that was the joy of it. Its intricate path was either a product of too much wine or an enormous backstory, or a combination of both. It sounds to me like you have had a breakthrough of sorts and I commend you on that.

    What is the reason you’ve stopped counting calories? I have my own reasons but I’m sure they’re not yours.

    Be good to yourself .. šŸ™‚

    • Ahhh…entirely too much wine, while re-reading old blogs about entirely too much backstory. I’m embarrassed that this post exists, but will leave it to keep myself accountable for moments of drunken stupidity. I stopped counting calories that night when I stopped measuring my glasses of wine (and pretty much lost count of them…)

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