No run yesterday

Somehow, my cell phone got lost yesterday. After much searching, I can only believe I dropped it somewhere outside and someone picked it up and took it. Even calling it wouldn’t work, it went straight to voicemail, even though the battery was fully charged, making me believe whoever that poopypants was that picked it up, he (or she) turned the phone off. So I spent the hour I could’ve spent running in Walmart, setting up a new phone. Grrr.

I realize this sounds excuse like, but let me explain. My time to run happens right now because my little monkey hangs out at my grandmother’s house for an hour or so while I do. An hour or so is about all Grandma can handle with a 3-year-old. She’s a few months out from a hip replacement, and my grandpa…well, he has other health issues, and since a fall a few months ago, he’s barely getting out of bed. Since it was about 4:30 by the time the phone was discovered missing, it was after 5 before we got to their house. Grandma had a few things she needed me to do around the house (the house is a whole other issue–ever seen hoarders? When it started, I was shocked and relieved that there were other people like her…). Then the run to Walmart. Then back to get Grandpa up and to the bathroom, and cleaned up, etc. By then it was dark. No run. I was irritable and sad. Taking care of the people who took care of you as a child is hard some days. I’m glad to be around to do it, but coming to see them in a different light that at times is nothing I ever wanted to see.

And now we begin today. A few errands, then over to pick Grandma up for her Walmart trip. Walmart with Grandma is easily a 3-hour expedition. She wanted to come with me last night and I flatly refused, but promised to take her today. Say a prayer for my patience, please. I’m hoping to be home in time for dinner with the monkey and early bedtime, 2 days of work start tomorrow, then my girlies will be at home all weekend. 🙂 I WILL be running today, no matter what, even if I have to do it in the dark with the monkey on my back.


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