I hate postingfrom my iPod. 99% of the time, I spend forever typing on this lil bitty keyboard only to have the post never actually post. But I’m getting ready for girl’s night, so no time for computer sitting, and I have a few things to report.

First of all, some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten about running came from a “things I wish I’d known when I started running” article. It had to do with the first ten minutes of a run. I read the article after I’d noticed the phenomena twice. Here it is. The first ten minutes SUCK. My mind and body come up with ten million aches and pains, reasons to quit and try again tomorrow. Don’t give in. After that first ten minutes is up, it gets better.

What brings that up? Let me tell you about today’s run. As I mentioned earlier, I ran on my favorite trail today. It’s about a 2-mile loop. It starts with a long, moderately steep hill. Next, it curves around up and down through the woods. There are several wooden bridges across small creeks and streams, a small pond, that kind of thing. Gradually, the woods part of the path slopes down until you come out at the edge of a field. I’d estimate coming into the field as about 2/3 of the way through the loop. Across the field, then across the road, the loop joins the county’s paved bike path, and that leads back to the parking lot. I set out today with a great pace. I wanted my warmup walk to be fast, because the hill kicks my butt when I run the whole thing. Started running about a quarter of the way up the hill. As usual, I hated the first ten minutes. “is that a pebble in my shoe? I should stop to check.” my hips and thighs feel too tight. My shins hurt. I’m too tired. Etc, etc. I was halfway through the woods before that ten minutes ended. Then I started to feel strong and enjoy myself. I finished a loop and checked my iPod. Still 8:23 to go. Wow. I like my pace today. Stuff my iPod back in my pocket as I’m puffing back up the hill. A little ways through the woods, it occurred to me-shouldn’t I have heard the minute warning by now? I pull the iPod back out. 8:23. Somehow, I’d paused it. Since I have no idea what time I started I have no idea how long it’s been. I decided to just push resume. If I really hurt, I’d quit, but I’d rather know I finished more than planned than wonder if I did the full 30. I was almost to the end of the woods when it was time to start the cool down. I ran to the road. The rest of the way, I walked til I got bored, then RAN fast til I was out of breath, then walked some more. I’m estimating 45 minutes 🙂 today, running more than necessary and enjoying it so much, I finally felt like a runner. A slow one sometimes, but a runner. Awesome!

Size wise, things are changing. Comfortably wearing size tens tonight, and my “new” bras from a month ago are now too loose in the band and rubbing my ribs raw. This is good and bad. I love to shop, but I’m broke, and buying new stuff before I’m done with the loosing portion of the rest of my life feels like a waste. We’ll see.

Time to get pretty now, it’s gonna be a great night! 🙂


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