My radio attacked me…

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just cruising along, and then BOOM, a song comes on the radio that makes you think of things & people you’d rather forget? So you change the station and there’s ANOTHER one? And another, and another. And my iPod was dead and I didn’t have the dang charger cord. I don’t think I settled on a station for more than ten seconds for my entire 40 minute drive home. And so it goes. I keep telling myself that someday, those songs won’t get me. And some days, I even believe me. For tonight, I’m music-free, and limiting my stimulus, lol.


On the plus side for today, I got to go to work. At a job that pays my bills. And allows me to care for some very wonderful people. In the last 2 days, at least 3 of them have told me what a good job I’ve done, and 2 I have no doubt I will stay in touch with for a long time. What I’m doing now isn’t what I want to do forever, but touching lives in the way these folks have allowed/needed me to, most definitely is. It’s powerful stuff.

In other good news, I was able to pull off a full 20 pound loss for the weight loss challenge at work. Here’s the sticky part. There’s only one person who’s really any competition. Both of us joined the competition late, or at least she didn’t really try til about a week after I started. But she really started working when she had a cardiac event (not the first) that sort of forced her to. And she’s working super hard, 24/7. Not that I’m not, but it’s maybe a bigger change for her? Anyway, she started at over 200, I’m pretty sure (we’ve kept actual numbers fairly confidential, between the participants and one of our charge nurses). And I *think* she’s lost about 20. Which means that percentage-wise (which is what we’re judging), I think I have her beat. It’s a $65 prize. I’m thinking about letting her win… she needs this so badly, she’s got to stick with this lifestyle change. Not that I don’t, and not that I won’t…but I’m not sure she will, and I wonder if that would motivate her more? At the very least, I’m thinking about asking the organizing charge nurse to declare a tie and split the prize. Any thoughts?


Two days off tomorrow and Thursday, finally, and I’m ridiculously excited. Gardening and running, along with some house-cleaning, are high on the agenda. Little monkey’s pretty pumped about these days as well. Finally being on a normal sleep-wake schedule is brand new for us, and it’s pretty freaking cool…except that she’s suddenly started climbing in my bed in the middle of the night again, after a month or so of sticking to her big girl bed. On the one hand, I feel like I should take her back to bed every time til she stops…on the other, I relish that time I can snuggle up and let her be my last little one… even if I do nothing, one day all too soon she’ll have grown out of wanting to snuggle up with her mama.


And that’s all there is to say here in the MonkeyHouse. Tomorrow will be W8D2 of C25K, and I plan on finishing it up on Thursday. I’m still trying to figure out what my structure will be after, because I know if I don’t have some requirement of myself, I won’t push as hard. I’m eating right on target, doing my best not to drink too many of my calories (yes, the radio incident may have inspired a beverage this evening, but nothing out of hand…or NOT in the journal 😉 ) I’m loving the LoseIt app far more than I liked fitday, and using it daily… Still stuck at 20, and I’m still aiming for that “NORMAL” BMI by the end of next month (tho I’d really love to see it sooner).


Thanks for following, thanks for cheering for me!


One response

  1. I say you don’t let her win… because you need it too!!!

    And on another blog, someone recommended going from C25K to the 10K app, to keep going… that’s what I’m going to do… Tonight is an off night for me, so I will do W8D2 tomorrow night (Thursday) and finish it on Friday… I’m so excited!

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