First and foremost, I have to accept an AWARD!!! (I’m ridiculously excited and thankful for this, and I HATE that it’s been since MARCH since I’ve been on an actual computer to figure this out). I apologize ahead of time for the fact that I can’t do the cool links that go from words I typed…


The rules for this award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Miss Beth, you inspire me EVERY single day, on both blogs, even when I can’t post, I hope you notice all those ‘likes’ from the iPod!!!
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award to 7 nominees.

7 Things About Me

  • I started this new “life” on 1/28/12. Since beginning, I’ve dropped 20 pounds and gone from barely able to run a minute to running TWENTY-EIGHT minutes IN A ROW WITHOUT DYING today. And I’m still a smoker, but it’s on my list to change soon–I’ve even got the nicotine gum….
  • I’m a mother of four beautiful girls, and a single one at that. After 2 failed marriages, I have a grand total of 3 baby-daddies (yeah, no, I don’t really use that terminology daily). To some, this makes me damaged goods. For me, it’s experienced and wiser, and happy with myself right where I am. My oldest daughter has decided to be grown, is expecting her first child, and is living with her boyfriend. I’m doing my best to be supportive at this time, while worrying for her more than is probably good for either of us. I have a shared parenting agreement with my second ex-husband that means my 2 middle girls are here less than I’d like, but am thrilled that we have the close relationships we do. And then there’s the lil monkey, who I blog about frequently. She is only mine. Her biological father was someone who meant a lot to me, who I speak of as infrequently as I can manage, who I miss even as a friend a lot, and who has chosen not to be a part of our lives. All of my girls mean the absolute world to me, but being an ONLY parent instead of just a single parent has been life-changing.
  • As I type, my 12 and 9 year olds are here with me contributing to what I should choose as my “7 things about me.” They say I’m a fabulous cook and that I love to cook. Actually, cooking’s never been one of my favorite things…but I like to eat good food, and it’s way cheaper to cook at home, so I learned…and now, as I learn more about food and how it’s prepared elsewhere, I would rather see what goes into it….
  • Which leads to number 4. I’ve always been a little granola-crunchy…natural childbirth, breastfeeding, non-vax, making my own baby food, cloth diapers…I’ve done all of these things, and I’m happy to coach anyone who wants to try any of the above. Since starting my journey, I watched ‘Food, Inc” and it completely creeped me out regarding processed food. I can’t avoid it entirely, but I’m trying.
  • Last summer, I grew a garden for the first time in 34 years. I loved it. It was incredibly emotionally and spiritually healing for me. This year, I’m expanding x3 and working on growing from heirloom seed. This is part of what keeps me from blogging as much as I’d like.
  • I also, as I mentioned earlier, started C25K when I started this life change. My first run was in February, and a minute was rough. Today was week 8, day 1. Still rough, but I made it through 28 minutes. I am in love with and addicted to running. I’ve got a lot of anxiety about how I’ll keep up when I finish the program, and TERRIFIED that I’ll lose motivation and quit. C210K has been released, but an hour 3 times a week feels like a stretch–remember that I either pay for a sitter for the monkey or take her along in an umbrella stroller, which is REALLY hard when it comes down to running. Still searching craigslist for a jogging stroller, lol…
  • I’m a nurse. At heart, I’m a surgical nurse. Circulate, scrub…I love it. Ortho’s my favorite. I work in med-surg right now. It’s what’s available in my hometown, and here is where I belong. For my girls, and for my grandparents, who are aging and need me right now. I miss my specialty, and what I love to do, but I’m learning and growing where I am, and enjoying it as much as possible. The confused, crazy, and “worthless” are my favorite patients, probably because they are exactly like me 🙂

Time for nominations!!!! (Super anxiety–how the heck do I do this???)

And with that, I THINK I’ve done it…caught y’all up with where I am, and FINALLY acknowledged this award that actually made me cry cause it meant so much to me. 🙂 Thank you for reading and supporting me, it means more than you’ll ever know!



3 responses

  1. Really amazing how much we have in common. On iPhone at airport in Guangzhou. Will get to work on the award thing at some point this week 🙂
    Thank you for the nomination and thank you for mentioning Celeste xoxoxo

  2. there are a lot of jogging strollers on cl near me…if you’re interested in one let me know. i think i’ll be back in Ohio in August for sure, but possibly sooner and i’m happy to bring you one.

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