I’ve put off a ‘real’ post for a while for a reason. I hit 16 pounds down a week ago, then quit. I’m stuck. While my weight can (and usually does) vary by as much as 4-6 pounds a day, I’m stuck with that 16 pounds down as my lowest weigh-in in a week. I’m sticking to my plan, and maintaining 1100-1300 cal/day every day. I’m OCD about recording EVERY SINGLE THING I put in my mouth (yeah, I’m the girl that figured out how many calories were in 3 goldfish crackers so I could log them…). Every now and then, I have a very low (600-800 calorie) day, when I work the night before, sleep half the day, and go to bed 8 hours later. Since I was stuck, I upped my exercise. I’ve done fabulously with that this week. 6 out of the last 7 days, a minimum of 30 minutes, at a minimum intensity of actual sweat. Still, I’m stuck.

I’ve been analyzing reasons for this stall. (Imagine that…). Am I actually eating too FEW calories? It’s counter-intuitive to me. I’ve had a day or 2 since I started this plan a month ago where I was just HUNGRY. And I ate. To a max of 1600 or even 1800 calories (still should’ve left me at a deficit of at least 500), I ate. Healthy foods, but I ate if I was hungry. If I’m not hungry, eating more seems entirely counterintuitive. Is this a ‘girl thing?’ It’s almost time for ‘that time,’ maybe this is just a side effect? Really? I’ve upped my water to 5 liters a day, which should counteract any water retention I’ve got going on…still nothing…

I don’t have any other symptoms going on that would lead me to look toward my thyroid or any other health issues causing this, though I’ve seriously considered doing another salt water flush to make sure I’m not just FOS. Given that my ultimate goal is a healthier lifestyle, and that I feel better than I have in years, I realize that the number on the scale isn’t that important. My shape is changing, so maybe at least part of it is increased muscle. But still.Nothing???

Somebody, anybody. If you’re reading and have insight, please share. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve made my food journals public, and I’d be happy to send you a link. I just can’t figure out why the damn scale isn’t moving, and while it’s nowhere close to making me quit (I feel too good), it is having a negative effect on my morale, and I don’t like that–I’m the positive person in most instances, but this is shaking that…


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  1. Abbi – I am not a nutritionist, but I have worked in the weight loss industry for a while and I do have a Masters degree in Exercise Science. You should be eating more than 1300 calories a day! Too few calories can contribute to weight gain because it seriously slows down your metabolism! Unless a Registered Dietician has told you to eat so few calories, I would rethink your approach. It matters what you put into your body too, not just calories. Goldfish don’t have much nutritional value. You want to fuel your body with very healthy foods. I recently was told by a chiropractor that I should go on a 60-day elimination diet. I have been on a 1-year running streak (as you know) and have not lost a pound. I am currently 30 pounds heavier than I “normally” am. It’s been a frustrating road. I am very active and I thought I was eating well but the Good Doctor thinks that there’s a hormonal response going on related to food allergies (mainly gluten – which is found in all wheat products). I recommend seeing a nutritionist if you can, and if you have not already done so. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Sorry to dump on you a bunch of unsolicited advice. You’re obviously frustrated (title) and I want to help. Cheers! Katy

  2. I commented before I finished reading your blog. I should become a better listener. You are asking for advice! My advice is to cut out gluten and dairy for a while. Your body’s hormonal response to these foods can cause weight gain. Whatever you do, always eat at least 1500 calories – if you’re active this should be a minimum! But these 1500 calories MUST be the best foods possible! You are what you eat! I am not a nutritionist. I would be slapped on the hand for telling you how many calories to eat!!

    • Thanks for reading & responding, but the 3 goldfish were a rarity–in the past month I’ve dropped 99% of dairy & processed foods (including most gluten)…the change to mostly fruits & veg is the reason my calories are so low-I can be 100% full on so many fewer calories…

      • Just know there’s a big difference between feeling full and what your body needs for energy. Basal metabolic rate is usually around 1200 calories – that’s to keep your body from breaking down your muscles for energy while you do absolutely no exercise. If you’re active, you need to feed your body appropriately. Just trying to help.

      • I appreciate your help!!! I was actually at 1500 yesterday, and saw a pound FINALLY move this morning. I’m sure that 1500 didn’t effect anything that quickly, but I’m taking it as a sign anyway. Increasing to 1500 whether I like it or not for a week or 2, then we’ll see what happens. 😉

      • Good job. Keep it up! I have felt a big difference from just a week of going gluten, dairy, soy and caffeine free. It’s not so much for weight loss but my weight has been creeping up there for no reason so the doctor wanted me to try an elimination diet to see what would happen.

  3. I think you’re going to need to calm down a little – a week is nothing time wise. If you stick with this a while, sometimes you’re just going to be stuck for a few. The unfortunate part is sometimes getting stuck for a few weeks means just keep at it and suddenly it will happen, and sometimes it means you need to change it up, but you need to wait a few weeks before changing anything (and then wait a few weeks before deciding the change works or not)

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