Pizza night at the Monkey House

As I decided earlier, we had our pizza party tonight to celebrate 10 pounds gone. Headed off to the grocery, where I cashed in the random change from my purse. The grand total was $11.11, so I spent that dollar on a lottery ticket, lol. Lots of fresh veggies, some whole wheat tortillas, and more feta cheese (cause I’m an addict).

First, we got our sauce started. That’s 1 can of crushed tomatoes, 1 can of petite diced tomatoes, some garlic, basil, oregano, and crushed red pepper. 262 calories for the entire pot of sauce…

While the sauce simmered, I cut up the veggies and monkey tore up the cheese (light string cheese, at 50 cal. each, we used 3 for 2 pizzas). We also lightly sprayed a couple of whole wheat tortillas and put them in the oven (400 degrees) for 2 minutes per side to crisp them up.

Assembly time! Monkey decided she wanted a smiley face with broccoli hair. Mine was a few inches thick, only with veggies instead of deep dish crust 🙂 (I gave the sauce a whirl through the blender so it was more familiar for the monkey…)

A few minutes in the oven at 400 degrees, and our pizzas were done. 🙂 In hindsight, next time I’ll cook my peppers a bit because I like them a little softer (may try roasting them first), but in all, absolutely DELICIOUS! This was the closest I’ve gotten since I moved away from the city to my old “freak pizza,” at my favorite pizza place, with about a tenth of the calories, grease, and fat. Lol, yes, I made up for a few of those calories by having a beer with my pizza. 🙂 And the even better news? In the time it’s taken me to figure out how to get all these pictures in my post, Monkey has almost cleaned her plate.

Happy Pizza night from the Monkey House!


Edited to add-grand totals, after totaling on fitday

  • Calories=337
  • Fat=11.7 gm
  • Fiber=4.75 gm
  • For those counting points, that makes 7 points for my whole pizza 🙂

Happy Monday!


That’s today’s official number, and that is ten pounds!!! For a split second, there was a 169 on the screen, but after my ritual half-dozen or so steps on & off the scale, 170.2 it is. So excited. Looking up recipes. I’m going to try something new tonight. Little monkey always wants pizza, and I can’t disagree, pizza sounds great…so I’m going to make pizza, the new way.I’m already thinking something on a tortilla….pics later 🙂


Urgh. Charge at work for the weekend (with zero forewarning) plus missing my girlies plus the breakup plus the damn Valentine’s day balloons ALL OVER the hospital plus just a very busy night plus some hormonal factors = a very stressed out me who feels not only entitled but somehow expected to pig out. What’s the progress? I still skipped the bacon. I did have a few of those funky-slimy after taste fat-free chips, when all my good stuff but the breakfast smoothie was gone by 2. But that was all, AND I counted it, without going over my calorie count for the day. Baby steps, people. I watched everyone else, one at a time, go to the cafeteria and come back with their treasures…I swear, gross as it sounds, hospital cafeteria breakfast food has seriously accounted for at LEAST half the pounds I need to lose. Bacon, crispy hash browns, sausage gravy. I used to order something I made up that we named “the heart attack special.” All of the above were included…plus some. And I sipped away at that smoothie and actually felt good about it. 🙂 Yay me. So yeah, I sort of pigged out, grubbing down all my stuff for the night in about 3 hours time…but I kept to my plan. Things are gonna be ok.

Breakfast with the girlies :)

Just finished up breakfast with my girlies–we made a smoothie (banana, strawberry, orange for them, a bit of that plus blueberries and spinach for me), and a mostly-egg-white omelette with spinach, mushroom, feta, and 2% cheddar. Absolutely delicious. 🙂 Happy Saturday, everyone. I’m back to bed for work tonight.


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25 night shifts left to go :)

And I made it through one more, with food to spare and a smoothie for breakfast. I *think* maybe I’m hitting my stride with the night shift thing 🙂 Not much more to say. Sleep, stress, work, rinse, repeat. Off for today, so a few hours sleep then time with my favorite short people, then back at it again tomorrow night. 173 again this morning, I must be dumping the water I retained from beers and salty food over the trip?

Back on the horse

So, the *official* numbers are in…174. Still a net loss of 6 pounds in 13 days, I’ll take it. The better news is that I was able to compare how I feel when I’m eating well and exercising, to how I feel when I’m not. I definitely like the way I feel when I’m eating “clean,” WAAAAY better, and after paying attention to the difference, my energy level when I actually DO something is so much better. Stayed on plan all of yesterday/last night, and even had to bring some food home with me (note to self–the crushed red pepper in the sauteed cabbage gets lots hotter when you let it wait for a while before you eat it!). Honestly, it was a little tough to jump right back in. After a (not entirely unexpected) breakup while I was driving home from my little vacation, it would’ve been far too easy to make an excuse. Even though I did know it was coming, it’s stressful, and you know all I really want to do is deep-fry that stress and eat it…but I stayed strong 😉

Next I really need to work on fitting exercise in around night shift, when all I wanna do is work and sleep (as I type this, I’m already ready for bed, and I’ll wake up in 7 hours to get ready for work and do it all over again). Maybe for now the answer is to do my working out on my 4 days off, and never mind on work days? I don’t know yet. But the really fabulous news is yet to come–I interviewed this morning to move to day shift (same unit). And GOT IT 🙂 ***happy dance*** I won’t switch until the next schedule, in the beginning of April, but that’ll be right in time for getting my garden in, and all of my favorite outside activities. It’ll mean some more family time (my favorite), and I think it’ll probably get my metabolism a little more in line with losing.

I think that’s it. Sorry this was so very random. OH! One last thing–‘smoothie time’ went off like a CHARM this morning. Strawberry, banana, peach, apple, and spinach…yummy 🙂

I didn’t really disappear

My trip out of town was great, but I didn’t connect to the internet at all while I was away, so no posting, no fitday. My eating was better than I expected (except for WAY too much of the delicious mac & cheese at my friend’s new place), and I got one run in while I was away. Not so bad. I haven’t gotten an accurate weight in since I got home, but I’ll try to later today. Right back on track again today. I just made breakfast–egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom and tomato and feta. OMG so yummy-licious. I had to back out of this morning’s run-between little monkey begging for some mama time and the snow on the ground, I just didn’t have it in me. BUT, while I was at my dear mama’s, she was cleaning some old things out of the garage–I now have copies of WATP 1, 2, and 3 miles, another workout dvd, hand weights, and a little stair-stepper thingamabob. So, no excuses. Monkey and I will be trying out some new workout skills today 🙂 Back to work tonight, I’m already considering dinner time…

Rough night (warning, slightly obsessive rant)

I planned, and packed, plenty of food last night. A big salad, soup, a baked potato with salsa, some carrots and hummus. Should have been plenty. So this morning, when bacon time came along, I should have been perfectly able to skip it. Let me rewind for just one minute to explain to those who don’t know me, or know me well. I love bacon. I could eat that crispy-fried salty, fatty, nitrite filled goodness every day. I have been known to add it to almost any dish. At work, I’ve been the bacon girl since I started on night shift because all night long, I count down to “bacon time,” at 6:30 when the cafeteria opens. Now, mostly, counting down to bacon time is because it sounds like I have a bad work attitude to count down to time to go home to bed, and counting down to bacon & being done by 6:30 means I can eat breakfast, give report, and get the he!! out of dodge. So yeah. Giving up bacon at work is rough. And this morning, I didn’t. On the positive side, I scaled down my bacon. 2 slices, half a slice of american cheese, and half an english muffin. I put it on fitday and calculated those 163 calories before I even got on the elevator. Not far from my smoothie yesterday, and do-able in today’s plan without much effort. BUT. The difference in nutrient value from yesterday’s breakfast to today’s? The fact that I broke my own rules so blatantly? I’m supposed to be gaining some control over my eating habits. I wasn’t even really hungry. I just wanted bacon. I could make the argument that I’m making my plan flexible enough that I’ll stick to it. But am I just justifying bad behavior? I can’t do that. I can’t slide down that slippery slope of just one here, just one there. I already know this weekend will be bad and hard to climb back up from next week. That’s planned. But this, the bacon for bacon’s sake, because I’m stressed out and hormonal and tired, I really have to get a handle on. I don’t mean to sound like I’m beating myself up over something dumb. It’s counted, there’s the rest of the day to make good choices. But I know me, and I know how I can slide, and just give up, and fall right back to old habits and not making progress. This time, I don’t want to do that. It tasted good, but man, I regretted that bacon the minute I finished wolfing it down. By the way, all that grease after a week of eating good stuff? Heartburn AND a potty trip already. That’ll teach me, lol.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, in life in general, it’s that the best thing for me to do after making a poor decision (some call them mistakes), it’s to take a minute to feel the consequences, then stand back up, dust myself off, fix what can be fixed, and make a plan to do it differently the next time around. I need to make bacon rules. I also think I need to make an absolutely BEAUTIFUL smoothie this evening, keep it in the fridge tonight, and resolve NOT to drink it til 0630 (formerly bacon time). I may even go get some more fresh pineapple, because it’s my very favorite smoothie ingredient. I need something to look forward to at 630, just not bacon. I’ll have to think about bacon rules. But I need a concrete guide. Never won’t work. How much, how often, under what circumstances? Yes, I’m that OCD or anal retentive or whatever you want to call it. Just saying every once in a while doesn’t work for me, because every once in a while becomes more and more until it’s a habit all over again. I’ll think about this one. Maybe once every 2 weeks? That might work.

In good news, 172 this morning. That’s 8 pounds. And I finished w1d2 yesterday without dying. And the ab dvd. I gave good patient care and I got through telling 2 of the 3 people I really didn’t ever want to tell about the grandbaby. My day is complete. One more night of work, a few more hours sleep, and then my first kid-free vacation weekend in four years. Good night, y’all.

No picture this morning

This morning’s smoothie…well, has anyone else ever noticed that things that are good for you look much the same on the way out as they do on the way in? Half a frozen banana, a cup of mixed frozen berries, 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed OJ, and 2 cups of spinach…it looks like runny poo in a glass, but it tastes yummy, and only 164 calories 🙂 Just finished w1d2, no rain, no stroller. We got a ton farther today without the stroller, I really think I’m slowing my running buddy down from what she could be doing… now I’ve got to figure out what I’m taking to work tonight to eat, get it packed, shower and get myself back to sleep so I can stay up all night. Have I mentioned I hate night shift? Yeah, I do. Oh, well. 2 nights and then I’m out of town 🙂 I may try to stop on the way home tomorrow morning to repeat another day of week 1, I’m really nervous about increasing running time next week. We’ll see how I feel on the way home. I’m going to take clothes to change into just in case. Good night, all!