What a gorgeous day!

Slept a little later than I’d planned, and I woke up to 60 degrees outside! Got up & dressed, then decided to walk to Monkey’s school to pick her up instead of driving. Since we didn’t have anything important to do, when she said she wanted to take a walk, I was happy to oblige. We walked up to the shopping center, did a little browsing in the dollar store and the hardware store (checked out all the SEEDS, I can’t wait to get the garden in!!!) and played for a little bit with the toy train (also at the hardware store). Then we hit the Mexican restaurant for dinner. Yes, that could’ve been a disaster, but I did a FANTASTIC job of being sensible. Ordered shrimp fajitas, didn’t touch the chips or the tortillas, and just stuck to the grilled shrimp, onions, and peppers, with a bit of guacamole and lots of shredded lettuce. My estimates (thanks to http://www.dwlz.com) come to about 410 calories for the meal. Not so bad. 🙂 I have a real problem making myself go out to eat right about now. I like the local, family owned kind of places that generally don’t have websites or readily available nutrition info, and it makes me nervous. So I’m pretty proud that I went, made good choices, and stuck to the plan. Even though it’s national Margarita day, I didn’t even have one! 😉 We took the long way home and stopped at the playground for a bit, to slide on the slides–Monkey loved me climbing and sliding with her. In all, about 2 miles walked (yes, queen dork here drove it after to check). Now it’s time to play a game with her here, then bath and bed and get some housework done. 🙂 PERFECT DAY!


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