Another night down!

That leaves only 20 night shifts to go!!! Managed to bring some food home again tonight, putting me well below my upper limit (woohoo), AND finally made peace with a fact. That ICU nurse I always seem to have to give report to when I float down there? She’s just. plain. mean. I could do everything perfectly, and to her, I’d still be that “stupid med surg nurse,” never mind my surgical experience, all of the things I’ve learned over the years from WONDERFUL anesthesia providers about airway maintenance and the big picture. She doesn’t know or care about any of that. She is just unhappy. She will continue to be. Last time, I let her make me feel the same way. Last night, while I didn’t mention any names, I talked to another staff member about that experience. She knew exactly who it was immediately. This time, I kept that in mind when she started being such a witch…and instead of letting it get to me, I simply explained what I did and why, and thanked her with a smile for teaching me a different way of doing things. I left for home with a smile on my face, and ya know what? I bet she’s still pissed off šŸ˜€

I’m feeling pretty wide awake, waiting for my benedryl to kick in so I can go sleep away a rainy day. Hope everyone has a great day!


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