I haven’t disappeared, but I haven’t GROWN either :)

It’s been a few days since I posted, but I haven’t given up, just been busy…

We tried to find out whether the grandbaby, Mo, will be a boy or a girl. She was shy, so that's still up in the air.

We had a family pizza (the new way) night, and no one even cried or yelled when, just after the above (silly) picture was taken, this happened…


We took a nice hike to one of our family’s favorite places, and scared ourselves with a few ghost stories. (Google Moonville, Ohio, that’s where this is)


And today, I drove the girlies to spend a night with friends before they return to their dad’s tomorrow. On the way, we had to drive through fast-food alley. A MAJOR cheeseburger craving hit me. Not just a little McD cheeseburger, but a big, meaty, burger. So I started planning for what I’d have for my afternoon meal when I got home, and was so excited I couldn’t stop talking about it. This is what I came up with…

That is a low-carb tortilla, with 2 tablespoons roasted garlic hummus, 2 leaves of romaine, some tomato, some pickle, a Morningstar farms grillers patty, and 1/4 cup of my WW recipe cheese soup, blended into cheese sauce. That, my friends, is my cheeseburger craving, satisfied for only 378 calories. A lot for one meal? Yes, for me. Better than the alternative and still totally on plan for today? Yup. 🙂 I love when I can do that!


So that’s about it from here at the monkey house. 2 more days til I officially weigh in again. I haven’t been seeing much in my daily weighs, but I can see my clothes are fitting a little better, people have commented that my face looks slimmer (and someone commented on my skin looking better, too, lol), and I feel PHENOMENAL. 🙂 That’s the point, right?


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