Urgh. Charge at work for the weekend (with zero forewarning) plus missing my girlies plus the breakup plus the damn Valentine’s day balloons ALL OVER the hospital plus just a very busy night plus some hormonal factors = a very stressed out me who feels not only entitled but somehow expected to pig out. What’s the progress? I still skipped the bacon. I did have a few of those funky-slimy after taste fat-free chips, when all my good stuff but the breakfast smoothie was gone by 2. But that was all, AND I counted it, without going over my calorie count for the day. Baby steps, people. I watched everyone else, one at a time, go to the cafeteria and come back with their treasures…I swear, gross as it sounds, hospital cafeteria breakfast food has seriously accounted for at LEAST half the pounds I need to lose. Bacon, crispy hash browns, sausage gravy. I used to order something I made up that we named “the heart attack special.” All of the above were included…plus some. And I sipped away at that smoothie and actually felt good about it. 🙂 Yay me. So yeah, I sort of pigged out, grubbing down all my stuff for the night in about 3 hours time…but I kept to my plan. Things are gonna be ok.


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