Moving day!

I started this blog only yesterday on another site, only to find today that uploading images to my blog posts was way more complicated than I’d like. Rather than wait til later to move, when it’s more complicated, I’m making the move today. Copied below are my few previous posts. 🙂


If not now, when?

6 days ago, I tipped the scale at 180. That’s what I weighed just before giving birth to my first daughter, a little more than 17 years ago. Not ok. It happened the same day I was planning a trip to visit some family and old friends, and I had one of those a-ha moments. (I hate using that cliche term, but I can’t really think of a better word for it). No matter what I did in the 2 weeks leading up to the trip, the best I could hope for was to be able to fit into my size 12’s more comfortably. Not the 10’s. Certainly not the 8’s or 6’s that are gathering dust on my closet shelf, not worn for the last 2 years. I’ve gotten comfortable. I’ve eaten everything in sight, and while I’ve started over and over and over, I haven’t stuck with ANYTHING to change this weight in a long time. I made a decision to start, SOMETHING. I lost about 60 pounds on weight watcher’s about 9 years ago, but every time I’ve tried to re-start that recently, the freedom to choose ANYTHING goes to my head, and I wind up right back where I started. I read about lots of diet programs online, and even seriously considered master cleanse. I ended up doing a LOT of reading about different detox/cleanse type programs, and the health benefits associated with them. I have been a sugar/processed food/diet coke/coffee with a TON of coffeemate flavored creamer kind of girl for a LONG time. I decided that if I really want to do this, step one is to get some control over what I put in my mouth. I made a few rules. For the last 4 days, I’ve followed them, and 4 pounds have gone away so far…my rules are as follows

1-no more soda.

2-no more coffee.

3-fruits and vegetables make up 99% of my diet. I’m allowing a few eggs and some almonds for protein, and measured amounts of salad dressing and hummus OCCASIONALLY. I included the occasional baked potato in my plan, but haven’t actually gone through with it since day 1.

4-AT LEAST 3 liters of water per day. That’s just over the 90oz recommended for my size, and since stopping every other drink, I’m actually starting to enjoy it.

5-everything-EVERYTHING I put in my mouth is now logged into fitday. Immediately. It’s available at work or at home, thanks to my nifty ipod, and it’s keeping me accountable.

6-workout DVD at least 10 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week. Yes, I know that’s not much, but it’s more than sitting on the couch, and I want to keep it realistic, so I actually stick with it.

I’ve tried LOTS of new things in just this first week since starting. I tried a salt-water flush on morning 2. NOT a great idea the morning after eating my new recipe for spicy black bean tortilla without the tortilla soup…Live and learn, right? I’ve tried a few veggies I hadn’t before, and I’m really proud to say I’ve have a little of at least a dozen fruits and/or vegetables every single day of this plan. I’ve kept my calorie count UNDER my 1,500 per day target. I tried out the green smoothie idea, and I’ve found a few combos I LOVE. I’ve done my little exercise DVD 2 out of 4 days, right on track for my 3 days a week target. Today, I added just one more step. I’m going to start the couch to 5k running plan. I committed to a 5K with friends in just over 15 weeks, and I am going to do it. I’ll be running with a 3 year old in an umbrella stroller. A jogging stroller would be great, but I just don’t have the money to invest right now. I’m also still a smoker, since my quit attempt EPICALLY failed on day one of this plan. Another day. I found a local friend who is willing to do the run thing with me, so hopefully we’ll keep each other motivated and on track. I’m excited, but kind of scared at the same time. I’ve become pretty well 100% absorbed with this process, so I decided to start a blog to gab about it rather than take over my fb wall with stuff people don’t exactly care about…


If anyone’s actually reading and wondered, I’m 34, now at approximately 176 (I weigh obsessively every time I walk past the scale in the bathroom). 5’6″ tall. Mother of 4 beautiful girls, 17, 12, 9, and 3. Full-time single mom to my 3-year old, and shared parenting mom to my 3 oldest. About to be a grandma in July (that’s contributed to 10 pounds since November, I’m afraid). I work 3 12-hour nights a week as a nurse, and I’m worried about how night shift will effect my metabolism and my progress. I love beer, and I miss it. As time passes, I plan to eventually add things gradually back into my diet, but it’ll be a long time for that one (except for next weekend, when I do fully intend to take a small break from the rules.) Support, tips, encouragement are welcome. Our first run is planned for 1 o’clock today, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to update after.


so mad.

I came home and wrote an entire post about nearly dying on my run…but finishing. Resisting multiple temptations and ending up with a dinner under 500 calories, where my old normal would have been 1200 or so–complete with exactly what each of those days entailed. I hit post and closed the window. I come back and it is GONE. WTF.


Too worn out to post it all again. Short story, dinner was beautiful and delicious and nutritious and right on plan. My run was harder than I expected, but thanks to having a buddy, I finished it, and I’ll be back at it Wednesday morning unless I’m dead. I’m off now to watch Food, Inc and scare the processed food cravings right out of myself 🙂


Food, Inc.

Wow. After some recent excursions into researching genetic modification of worldwide food sources, I was bothered. Once upon a time, we believed that for every genetic marker, there was one trait. Then we learned how to modify those markers to encourage certain traits. Then we discovered that instead of one marker controlling one trait, one marker may control 3 or 4 traits. And we don’t necessarily know what those traits are when food is modified. Maybe not even for YEARS after ingesting that food will we discover that the trait that was modified to make soybean resistant to roundup also ticked over a marker in human DNA. One that makes it susceptible to some form of cancer or disease or, oh, I don’t know, how about that “newfangled” group of diseases. You know, the ones no one wants to take seriously? What about fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome? What about the research that may have begun to show a viral link to those diseases? It’s been shut down tighter than a drum, discredited, and the researcher jailed for refusing to surrender her notes. She admitted there were flaws in her original research. In fact, further studies have begun to question whether this entire group of diseases, which may also have ties to such things as Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, may all relate back to the same family of recombinant DNA virus. It’s like suggesting the earth is round. I hate to sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists, really I do. But look at the health of our people. Look at the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics. The rise in cancer rates, in autism and ADHD in our children. It’s just irrational NOT to look to our food supply as a universal factor, when these epidemics cross societal and lifestyle boundaries. I was already concerned, enough that I’d already planned to triple the size of my garden this year and learn about canning and otherwise preserving my food to last a significant portion of the year. I believe, crazy or not, that on a million different levels, the society that we live in is not sustainable. That maybe the date isn’t in December, but the date is quickly approaching, when “average” American life will in no way resemble what it is today. After watching this documentary this evening, I am even more convinced that my only rational response is to save every dime I can make for the forseeable future, buy a plot of land somewhere isolated, and raise the food my family consumes. Subsistence level farming. The technology is available, although not widespread or cost-effective at this time, to power that sort of home with wind and/or solar energy. Honestly, I found this film deeply disturbing. From the potential for contamination of such widespread magnitude (if it’s the wrong virus, just ONE time, that has “learned” to pass from one human to another via contact or airborne transmission?), to the monopoly of multi-million dollar corporations (the same ones who are so recently being spotlighted for basically choosing a government intended to be by the people, for the people), I’m not sure what is worse or where to start. I’m going to chew on this for a bit (yeah, I still joke. yeah, it’s still lame). Certainly, I’ll have more to say. As a person who CAN’T afford to buy all organic, who is stretching to the max just to opt out of factory processed foods, fast food, and most meat, I feel trapped in a system that is utterly unsafe and unethical. The impact of our food supply on every aspect of life–health, obesity, the healthcare epidemic, our children who are falling so far behind the rest of the planet–is staggering. And none of us who want and need it to change so badly can afford to change it.


Happy Sunday (Oh, wait…for you it’s Tuesday)


I woke up this morning to my little monkey snuggling in with me and asking for cake for breakfast…um…yeah, no. Pancakes would have worked, but we’re out of syrup and she refuses to eat them with fruit (grrr). Scrambled eggs it is. I’m still working through how to transition her to a healthier diet. I know, I know, if I offer nothing but fruits & veg and good stuff, eventually she’ll come around. But it’s not that the things she likes are bad, only that she’s got so little variety. Pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, peanut butter sammiches, pizza, ramen noodles. That’s it. Anything else, she’s not really interested. Such is the life of a 3 year old, I suppose.

For me, it’s Sunday. Off yesterday, off again tonight, back to work tomorrow night. I woke up feeling celebratory. I ate til I was full yesterday, all day, and still stayed under 1000 calories. I celebrated last night with a glass of wine. I’m a little embarrassed and a little proud to say that before I took a sip, I measured it out and logged it into my fitday. Such a geek. 6 oz is only 126 cal, btw. I ended up just over 1000, stuck to one glass, and enjoyed every drop. So this morning, when I did my morning weigh (after potty, sans clothes, don’t pretend you don’t do it), I was absolutely THRILLED to see 175. Fitday won’t let me create a goal that is more than 2 lb a week. 175 was a goal set for Valentine’s day. But I made it through that first 5 in under a week. Yes, I realize it’s probably mostly water, but ya know what? I. Don’t. Mind. Anyhow, I just about had myself convinced to celebrate the morning with a cup of coffee. Fresh, hot, and doctored with my delicious sweet Italian cream coffeemate. It just sounds so yummy. I still haven’t fully decided not to measure out a serving (granted, mine’s larger than the actual serving size) and then add just enough coffee to make the right color…but I made a little deal with myself. I made this lovely fruit only smoothie (strawberry, raspberry, peach, and banana) and put it in my fancy glass. Once I’ve had my pretty fruit breakfast, I will drink one liter of water. If I still feel the need to use up some calories and especially some fat grams on coffee, I will…we shall see.

Workout DVD with the little personal trainer, along with some house cleaning and some laundry. For as much as yesterday’s running almost killed me, I don’t feel sore at ALL this morning, so we’ll be doing a lot with the DVD today. Sore is uncomfortable, but I like feeling like I worked something, lol. Have a great Sunday, oh, I mean TUESDAY, y’all. Don’t forget TBL is on tonight. Yay for inspiration. I’m so glad not to be there. No way I could’ve gotten through any more yesterday, especially with someone screaming in my face to go faster. 🙂image


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